Here are a few of the questions that clients often ask:

1. Should I reupholster my old furniture or buy new furniture?
You should consider the quality of the item and whether it has sentimental value before deciding whether to reupholster or replace.

A new couch or chair might cost less than having the item reupholstered, but not last as long as older, quality furniture.    

Today manufacturers often assemble frames with staples and fast-drying epoxy, using woods previously not suited for furniture frames.  However, frames often last longer in chairs and sofas built 10 to 20 years ago or longer.  These were often built using strong hardwood and screws.  Screws last longer since they don’t become loose as easily as staples.

Remember, you can’t put a price on sentimental value, so be sure to think hard before discarding or replacing an item that was inherited from a parent or grandparent.  If you reupholster a quality piece of furniture or antique, you will probably be able to pass the piece down to future generations.

2.  How do we get started having an item reupholstered?

Come in and bring pictures of your items you want to have done.  You will be able to look through our extensive fabric swatch collections to decide on color and fabric.



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"Sherry's did a beautiful job on my game table chairs. They had been covered in fabric, but Sherry helped me pick a great, soft leather-like material that feels great and will last.
I highly recommend you speak with Sherry when you're ready to make your furniture look 'new' again."

-- Susan H.